I have been dying to throw a little Valentine’s party with some friends this month.  Although the party probably won’t happen (considering how crazy things have been lately) I can’t help but make some cuteValentine inspired party decor.  These heart drink stirrers are so adorable and would be my Valentine’s party must, they make drinks look way too cute!
Acrylic Paint (Magenta Rose, Date Night Pink, Habanero)
3/8″ Round Wooden Beads
1″ Wood Hearts
Glue Gun
Paint Brush
Cut off the sharp ends of the skewers.
 Paint the beads and hearts.
I found it was easier to paint the beads if I strung them onto a skewer.
 Put a tiny bit of hot glue inside the bead.
 Then string it onto the skewer, with the glue side first.  Repeat with each bead.
 Make sure that you leave a tiny bit of room for the last bead.  You don’t want the skewer sticking out too much or it will poke through and you won’t be able to fit on the heart.
 Add a tiny bit of glue to the inside of the top bead
 Attach the heart, let dry and then get stirring.


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