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April 2, 2015
Here is “Easter brunch party” part two!  And if you missed the whole Easter brunch set up you can see it here.  The whole decor is so colorful and fun I might need to use these colors for more than just Easter.  I made the both the bags and flag garland using Minted’s gorgeous fabric!
Bunny Bag:
Bunny shape ( I used a cookie cutter)
Cut out a piece of fabric.  The cut out some of the adhesive, a little smaller than the fabric you cut.
 Iron on the adhesive, with the bumpy side facing down onto the fabric.
 Trace out your shape and then cut them out
 Peal off the adhesive from the bunnies, place on baggies and iron on again.
Fringe Banner Garland:
Colored Yarn
Hot glue gun
Cut out banner shapes of fabric in whatever width you like.  Take a long piece of string and tie on fringe in alternating colors leaving about a 1-2 inch gap between.  I did a DIY of how to make fringe and you can find it here.  Make sure the fringe is the same size as each banner piece.
 Glue along the top
Place fringe on
 Then cut
Egg Garland:
Plastic Easter Eggs
This garland is SOOOOOO easy!  If you look at the top of your plastic easter eggs (I’m not sure this is on all Easter eggs but for sure on the super cheap ones) you will see two small wholes, big enough for a needle.  String a larger needle, I use an upholstery needle and pull the yarn through the two holes in the top.  Continue till all the eggs are on.  Told you it was easy ha ha ;)


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