Have you ever tried fruit cake?  I haven’t.  But for some reason its nastiness is the ever lasting joke of the Holidays.  So, here is MY fruit cake!  Or I mean fruit cake toppers.  I have been wanting to make another foam cake topper ever since I made these.  I figured, since fruit is all the rage, cake toppers were in order.  This DIY only takes about 10 min and is pretty dang cute.  So make a fruit cake people will LOVE ;)
-Foam Sheets
-Black Sharpie
-Hot Glue Gun
-Wood Skewers

-Cut out the shapes of the fruit.  A pink watermelon slice with a green rind slice that is a little bit bigger so it pokes out the bottom.  A banana shape and a strawberry and small spiky green top for the strawberry.
-Draw on the fruit using your sharpie.  I wanted to give them more of a cartoon look so I outlines the watermelon, banana and top of the strawberry.
-Glue the rind onto the watermelon and top on the strawberry.
-Glue the fruit onto the skewer.  Test out how you want them to look before you glue, for example I wanted some of my fruit a little tilted.
-Put on cake!foam-fruit-cake-topperFruit-cake-topper

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