August 7, 2015


If you saw my fridge and the clutter of pictures, invitations, coupons and who knows what else you would know that I NEED more magnets.  SO it was only a matter of time before I made some of my own.  And of course they needed to be colorful so these geo wood magnets were born.


Wood Blocks
-Acrylic Paint
Patterning Tape
Foam Pouncer

–  Paint the wood block on all sides.
–  Tape off a few of the blocks making triangle and rectangle shapes
–  Paint, let dry then take tape off.
–  Take your foam pouncer and make a half circle on some of the blocks.
–  Once the blocks are all dry and painted it’s time to glue on the magnets.
(just be sure if you have children in the house, you choose a magnet that is safe for them)
-Glue, let dry and then make your fridge look super cute.DIY-geo-wood-block-magnents.--Make-sure-you-fridge-is-cute-and-colorful

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  • Adorable! Love the colors and the designs you chose :)

  • These are just so cute and colourful!

    xoxoBella |

  • paigeflamm

    These magnets are so cute! I’m going to have to make some for our fridge!


  • Amy

    The colors are so on point for your brand, too!

  • Tan

    Eeee these are so simple and CUTE!

  • Cyd

    I love these! I enforce a strict “nothing on the fridge” policy in our house (clutter drives me insane lol), but I would very gladly make an exception for these cuties!