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August 18, 2015
DIY painted storage basket

DIY painted storage basket

I am pretty sure there is no such thing as too much storage, and if you saw my supply of crafts you would know that I NEED more of it.  Although I am up to my eye balls in crafts, confetti and party supplies I am still super picky on what my storage containers looks like.  Whether it is a cute box, basket or shelves – I need it to be colorful and fun.
While browsing through IKEA I saw these adorable baskets.  When I see a cute basket I buy it, because there has to be SOMETHING I can put in it and I would file this under “cute” storage container (although it needed some color).  This painted basket only takes two steps and can really brighten up a room.



IKEA Basket
Acrylic Paint
-Paint brush
Pom Pom Maker

-Pick out paint colors and start painting.  Alternating colors for each strip of bamboo.
-Make a few pom poms (find a tutorial here) and tie them onto the side.
-Enjoy your new adorable painted basket.painted-basket-DIY

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  • You are so creative! This is beautiful.

    xoxoBella |

  • This is really super cute! My hamper needs a makeover.

    • Thanks so much! oh yes do it! I never need an excuse to paint a basket ha ha ;)

  • So cute and simple, I’m thinking this may have to make an appearance in my apartment!

  • Cyd

    LOVE these colors! xo

  • Breanna

    This is so pretty! I love the color palette you chose, so many possibilities for storage!

    • i know! ha ha I want to make a million of them and store everything i own

  • Amy

    Ah, I totally put this basket in my cart and then took it out… now I’m regretting that decision! So fun, friend!

  • Adorable! And those colors!

  • I immediately knew when I saw this on craftgawker that it was yours. So so so cute, and I totally stared at this basket at IKEA thinking that it’s screaming for DIY!

    • Awe that makes me so happy ha ha! And I know…any naked basket is just asking for it ;)

  • Love this idea! Great way to add color to any room.

  • Love the simple yet cute little DIY of this project :)
    Makes for such a great rendition for the home <3

    xo, elizabeth t.

  • Kim Pirring

    Super simple and cute idea :)

  • These are adorable! I already have these IKEA baskets in light blue, but I would rather customize myself to my favorite color palettes.

    • I know right? They are the cutest baskets, ha ha just means you need to buy more and paint them ;)

  • isoscella

    So simple but so lovely!