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September 1, 2015


I am all about the gift wrap, it’s right up there with my love for parties and flamingos.  I hoard all kinds of wrapping supplies because I want to be prepared for any type of party ha.  So, I am excited to announce a new series on the blog all about gift wrap … printables, gift wrap ideas, round ups, DIY’s and sources.  I hope you guys like it as much as I do, because I’ll be sharing stuff once a week!

This week I am channeling my love for ice cream with this fun gift wrap idea.  It’s easy, cute and any gift wrapped up like food is just a good idea, in my book.

-Sprinkles wrapping paper, pink wrapping paper (both you can find at Home Goods)
and craft paper (I got mind from Hobby Lobby)
-brown paint
-paint brush
-red yarn
Pom pom maker

-Wrap the first two gifts in the pink and sprinkles wrapping paper.
-Cut out a square of the craft paper.
-Paint a waffle design with the brown paint onto the craft paper to make the cone.
-Make a cherry pom pom.
-Tie all the gifts together and top with a cherry.wrapping-paper-diydiy-ice-cream-cone-gift-wrap

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