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November 18, 2015

Christmas gift wrap ideas 3christmas-gift-wrap-ideas

For someone that loves Gift wrap as much as me, Christmas time is pretty much all my dreams come true!  So much fabulous wrapping paper, boxes, bags and ribbons everywhere you look!  I have actually been super sick the last week (which is why my blog has been so quiet) so this post is a splendid way to kick off the Christmas fun!  I’m sharing some fun and colorful ways to wrap up your gifts this Christmas!gift-wrap



-Colorful Gifts Wrap
Small and Large Honeycomb balls
Festive Festooning
-Christmas Ornaments


-Take a tiny honeycomb ball and string on the mini ornaments
-Tape them down
-Tape down the medium size honeycomb ball
-Cut off a couple pieces of festooning
-Fold and then tape under the ornaments and honeycomb balls




-Use the festooning as a ribbon
-Wrap and tape
-They are so fluffy and there is no need for a bowdiy-gift-wrap

Christmas gift wrap ideas 3
























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