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June 3, 2016
Six fun instagram crafts to try this weekend

Six fun instagram crafts to try this weekendI have a love hate relationship with the whole “digital age” …  On one hand it’s amazing because we get pictures in seconds, we can fit our camera in our back pockets and everything is so simple.  But remember the day when you had to go to the store and actually pick up your pictures?? Or when you had NO idea what was even on your disposable camera?  But what I miss most are those tangible pictures in your hands.  Anyways, rant over … yes I miss the gold ole days but what I NEED to do is get crafty with my pictures now and not let them just sit on my phone.  Here are 6 fun Instagram crafts to try this weekend.  Don’t let them just sit, print away ;)

1. Instagram Wall Art / The Crafted Life   2. Instagram Memory Game / Lovely Indeed
3. DIY Embroidered Instagram / Lovely Indeed   4. Wooden Polaroid Display / Sugar and Cloth
5. Tiny Picture Gallery Wall / I Spy DIY   6. Instagram Photo Wallpaper / Lovely Indeed

Check out another way I printed my instagram pics here.  Happy Weekend!!

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