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September 16, 2016

prickly-partycolorful-party-table-decorcactus party

I have been wanting to put together a cactus themed party for a LONG time.  More exact… a “prickly party” because cacti are the cutest/prickliest plants ever AND I have yet to kill one yet, woo hoo!  The whole party was inspired by these DIY tissue covered pots I made awhile back.   The minute I made them I knew those colors needed to be made into a party, stat!  And since cactuses are all the rage (move over succulents) I figured a whole party should be dedicated to it ha!  And so the prickly party was born, and I must say I am very much in love.
Get all the DIY and source details at the end of the post, cause I’m gonna force you to look at pretty party pictures first :) cactus-sugar-cookiescactus-table-decorcactus-party-decorfringe-backdropcute-cactus-sugar-cookiescactus-party-table-decorcactus-party-2cactus-cake-topperprickly-party-table-decor

Now onto the DIY…

I made the tissue fringe backdrop using my fringe cutter tool.  I cut the tissue paper like I was going to cut it for tassels (see video here) but instead of opening up the paper to make a tassel I kept them as is and layered them onto a wall.  This is seriously easy peesy when you have the cutter tool.  And believe it or not you don’t need a TON of tissue paper.  I bought some of my tissue paper colors from here.  I also am OBSESSED with this tissue paper and used this as well.

The cactus cake topper DIY is so easy too, here is the tutorial.  I made this one smaller and changed up the shapes and colors.  I really like the update!

The DIY for the colorful striped pots are here.  I bought all my cacti from home depot and like I said they are a great buy because cactuses are SUPER hard to kill.  And since I really suck at keeping plants alive these are a win win for me.  AND when the party is over you have cute potted cactuses to put all over your house.  I filled in the pots with some colorful fish rocks because dirt just wasn’t colorful enough for me ha ha!  I bought mine at a local pet store and you do NOT need a lot, so don’t buy a big bag.  Just sprinkle them on top of the dirt.

The amazing cookie master @janalauren made these cactus cookies and they brought this party to the next level, which her cookies aways do.  Can you even handle all the adorable detail?????  Seriously you need to see what else she makes.

Also tara from @radandhappy designed the “prickly party” sign which is perfection!  Her lettering skills are what I dream I could do. (the pattern will be available soon!  I’ll update this when it is)

The table decor is so incredibly easy.  Just a mix of potted plants and fringe tassels thrown in between, its a great filler and matches the fringe backdrop perfectly.  You can find out how to make fringe tassels here or watch the video above.


Gold Silverware  |  Green Plates  |  Gold Glassware  |  Gold Cake Plate  |  Colorful Striped Planters  |  Pink Napkins
Cactus Cookies by Jana Oberan  |  “Prickly Party” Sign  |  Tissue Paper Fringe Tassels  |  Cactus Cake Topper

Now go party it up you guys!!

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  • Antonella

    This is sooo pretty and fun! That backdrop with the sign is gorgeous. And the cacti are soo sweet too. My favourite plants!

    • Awe thanks Antonella!! Me too! ha ha scary to touch but they are so dang cute!

  • This is such a sweet idea! I really love cactuses. This is something I should really think about doing with my flatmates. Thanks for the idea :)

    Norina xx

  • This is SO FUN! One of my best friends is absolutely obsessed with cacti and succulents – this is a perfect theme for her bday <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  • This is just great! I’d love to throw a cacti-themed party :)

    Virve /

  • Heather Allen Van Tassell

    Can you give me a little direction as to how much tissue paper it took? I don’t even know where to start?? Obviously, all walls are different sizes, but for each color how much did you buy? Also how did you attach it to the wall?