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January 27, 2017

DIY-Candy-Heart-GarlandAnother holiday with candy and I am 100% on board!  Valentines is my chocolaty dream holiday but I do looooooove those yummy sweet heart conversation chalk candies.  I know they are not everyone’s favorite (kind of like Peeps which I also love) but they are what reminds me of Valentines the most.  So obviously I needed to make a cute candy heart garland in honor of my favorite Valentines day candy.  And who doesn’t want colorful hearts made into a garland??  Because I sure do!


-Colorful Paper
Heart Punch
-Letter stamps ( I got mine in the $1 section at Target)
Small Hole Punch
Bakers Twine

-Cut out hearts in candy colors.
-Stamp cute sayings on each card.  Its a lot easier to put the same saying on a specific color.
-Cut out two tiny holes in the top of each heart so you can string them into a garland.
-Lastly string them together and then hang your cute new candy heart

Yay for fun garlands and delicious candies!

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