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January 12, 2017

unique-gift-wrap-ideasA-fun-and-unique-way-to-gift-wrap-using-embroidery-flossFirst DIY post of 2017 HAS to be a wrapping one, am I right?  Gotta start out the year with my favorite thing ever, it just feels right!  I’m excited to share 3 ways to wrap using embroidery floss, because its not just for needlepoint and friendship bracelets your guys.  I love changing up ways to wrap presents and not using just ribbon.  It keeps things fresh and using embroidery floss gives your presents a classier look, more so than bakers twine.  Remember when I made these baskets?  Well I loved how they turned out and thought…what if I did the same on a present?

Different colors  of Embroidery floss
-Card Board (I just used an old amazon box)
Martha stewart Circle cutter or bowls and cups to trace circles.


1. An Embroidery Floss Pinwheel
-Trace circles onto a piece of cardboard.  I used a circle cutter but you can use glasses or jars or whatever you want to make the right size circle.
-Then cut out the circles.  My circle cutter didn’t cut all the way through the cardboard so I needed to cut out the remaining with scissors.
-Next take a color of embroidery thread and tie a knot on the back side.
-Then criss cross to make an X.
-Then you are going to start wrapping the circle.  You want to start in the upper right corner of your X (see picture 5) and go to the bottom left corner of the X (see picture 6).  You will see that slight twist in the middle of the circle?  That is from going top right to bottom left over and over again.
-You will keep doing this till the X you made starts to fill up.
-Once you filled in your X, get another color, make a new X and doing it over again.
-Keep using colors till you fill up the circle.

2.Tiny Tassel Garland
The first time I made a tassel was when I made this blanket and I feel in love.  This is the same tassel DIY although these tassels are MUCH smaller and with embroidery thread.
-Take a small piece of cardboard (when it is this small you could even use your fingers)
-Wrap the thread around the cardboard.  The thickness of your tassel depends on how many times you wrap it.
-Pull it off the cardboard and make sure it keeps it’s shape.
-Then tie a piece of thread through the loop real tight and knot it.  Then cut the bottom.
-Then take another piece of embroidery floss and tie off a piece of the top to make the tassel.
-Lastly tie each tassel on a single piece of embroidery thread and cut off any excess thread.  Then wrap onto gift.

3. Embroidery Floss Ribbon
-This one is by far the easiest and doesn’t really need a ton of explaining.  But just take some embroidery floss and wrap your present.  No need for a bow.  Just criss cross, overlap, or make straight lines … just make it fun.  Its a piece of art in itself.


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