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March 7, 2017


St. Patricks Day is coming and although green is my favorite color, rainbows are the best part of that holiday ha.  So put those shamrocks aside and let’s talk rainbows.  Now, I am not even close to an amazing cookie decorator, because there are cookies and decorators out there that blow my mind!  BUT I try to make cookies that aren’t too complex and are easy for all.  These cookies are it!!  Anyone can make them, no decorating skills required.  They are simple, adorable and taste delicious ;)  It’s basically the trifecta of greatness when it comes to cookies.
Find the video tutorial belowrainbow-cookiesSo let’s embrace the rainbow this St. Patricks day with these sprinkled rainbow cookies.

Circle Cookie Cutter
Colored Sprinkles
-Royal Icing frosting (you can find the recipe here)
Round Frosting Tip and Frosting bag I used a #5 but bigger is good too.
Paintbrush (used just for food)

I used more of a pastel look for my cookies or you can go more traditional too!  Watch the video below and I show you all the steps to these easy ADORABLE rainbow cookies!

check out THESE St. Patricks Day cookies from a few years ago.  Gold glitter on cookies are the very best.

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