February 21, 2017


You know the saying “third times a charm?”  Well I feel like this about knowing and loving certain baby products, I have finally figured out what I really love and why.  It only took me my third baby to finally figure it all out ha ha.  I have always been kind of a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff but this time around I am even more so and have chosen products that are useful and last awhile.  So I can’t wait to share with you guys what my favorites are because less is more am I right?  So here are 9 of, what I think are, some must-have baby products. Continue Reading…

Cookies, Valentines Day


February 9, 2017

painted-heart-sugar-cookiesI love a good sugar cookie!  And have loved to decorate them for years as you can see here, here and here.  BUT sometimes I do not have the patience to mix up 5 different frosting colors.  The next best thing?  Paint them!  These DIY painted heart sugar cookies seriously only takes 5 min, look so fun and watercolory (is that a word?), and are completely edible. No real paint involved, don’t you worry! Check out the DIY video tutorial and what I use to paint them below.  Its a game changer guys if your wanting cute Valentine sugar cookies but not all the time involved to make them. Continue Reading…

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February 7, 2017


Valentine’s Day is coming up, and although I’m shopping for the Hubs we gotta think of all our Gal Pals too, am I right?! I have some pretty great friends and what says “you are a fabulous friend” more than a lip shaped purse?  Here are a few other fun Galentine’s Day gift ideas for all those great friends in your life.

1. Week By Week Agenda   2. Heart Sunglasses   3. Water Bottle   4. Work It Out Gym Bag
5. Daniel Wellington Watch  6. BFF Flair  7. I Believe in Red Lipstick Pin
8. Fries Before Guys Patch  9. You Are the Bees Knees Card  10. Lip Shaped Pouch

  Also, if you are loving that watch you can get 15% off at Daniel Wellington if you use the code TELLLOVE.
Get Galentine’s Day shopping guys!

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February 2, 2017


They are here!!! I love love love them and am so excited to share them all with you, finally!  If you don’t follow me on instagram you might not have heard me share the exciting news…but I did a Valentine’s Day card collaboration with Hallmark!!  Kind of a dream come true.
The whole process was so much fun and Hallmark was amazing to work with, no surprises there.  I am kind of an impatient person so having to wait almost a year for these to come out was not easy, ha ha but they are here and they were 100% worth the wait!
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January 27, 2017

DIY-Candy-Heart-GarlandAnother holiday with candy and I am 100% on board!  Valentines is my chocolaty dream holiday but I do looooooove those yummy sweet heart conversation chalk candies.  I know they are not everyone’s favorite (kind of like Peeps which I also love) but they are what reminds me of Valentines the most.  So obviously I needed to make a cute candy heart garland in honor of my favorite Valentines day candy.  And who doesn’t want colorful hearts made into a garland??  Because I sure do!

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January 24, 2017


Valentine’s Day is the best, and has been since I was a little kid.  I LOVED getting all those fun cards with candy and today nothing has changed.  Although, people have stepped up their card game!  Like big time.  I remember when buying them at the store was the norm, NOW there are so many adorable ideas, cute printable cards and clever sayings that you can all make at home.  I rounded up 20 free printable valentines that are creative, adorable and fun.  There is something in here for everyone, from cute puns to David Bowie.  So whether they are for your kid’s class or yourself, this list is a good one ;)

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January 12, 2017

unique-gift-wrap-ideasA-fun-and-unique-way-to-gift-wrap-using-embroidery-flossFirst DIY post of 2017 HAS to be a wrapping one, am I right?  Gotta start out the year with my favorite thing ever, it just feels right!  I’m excited to share 3 ways to wrap using embroidery floss, because its not just for needlepoint and friendship bracelets your guys.  I love changing up ways to wrap presents and not using just ribbon.  It keeps things fresh and using embroidery floss gives your presents a classier look, more so than bakers twine.  Remember when I made these baskets?  Well I loved how they turned out and thought…what if I did the same on a present?
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January 9, 2017


It’s a new year and it’s time for the recaps and resolutions post, and let me start out by saying this is the most writing I have done maybe EVER on this blog.
First let’s talk top posts!  It is so fun at the end of the year, seeing what people loved the most and what got the most views.  Because I obviously am excited about everything I create, ha ha, but I also love to see what you loved most too.  This year was a pretty good mix but here are my top 4 posts of 2016!
Confetti Bowls, tassel tote bag, painted wood containers, and last but not least the fiesta party garland.
Thanks so much for all the love this past year!  It means the world to me!

So on to some resolution and a LOT of talking…especially for me ;)
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December 19, 2016


Christmas time can get crazy and so can life as a Mom. So I’m always a big fan of anything EASY, and when it comes to life or crafting … I love anything simple.  Trying to balance my life with kids, and school, and my blog and the holidays can feel so overwhelming at times. It seems like the deeper I get into the holiday season, the more tempted I am to just turn on the T.V. so I can get things done ha ha.

And then I was introduced to the Amazon Fire kids edition (cue Jurassic Park theme song music).  Seriously though, let me tell you why. First, my husband always laughs at me and how paranoid I am about what I let my kids watch. My five year old is way to tech savvy and I can’t give him free reign over the media. The Amazon fire kids edition has the easiest parental controls that blocks him from anything sketchy. I also love that I can put in reading goals, that won’t let them play games or watch anything until they read. Oh, and there is a timer I can set that automatically shuts things down when I want. I honestly feel like it is a mom hack. An electronic device full of games and shows that I can force my kids into learning, before playing, that I have complete control over! And it’s seriously so easy.

So … in honor of easy, I’m sharing an EASY holiday gift tag diy.  Because the Holidays should be filled with easy hacks to help us enjoy what is really important.
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Christmas, Cookies, Family, Holiday


December 9, 2016
cookie-garland with title

cookie-garland with titleIMG_3692_copy

Christmas is my FAVORITE time, like most favorite ever!  When Buddy the Elf screams “SANTA!!”, that is my enthusiasm all month long.  And what makes me love Christmas so much are all the fun traditions we have started with our little family.  From Christmas boat parades to gingerbread house decorating parties…I love every single one.  But one tradition we have been doing ever since my oldest was just a baby is Christmas pajamas.  Every year we give each other new Christmas PJ’s to wear.  Because going to bed in cozy, festive jammies just screams Christmas in my book.  And they are not just for sleeping, we wear them to watch movies, drink coco, see christmas lights and even decorate cookies. Basically we live in them for the month of Christmas, ha.  Hanna Andersson pajamas are my MOST favorite and I have been buying them for my boys every year since they were babies.  They are SO soft, the cutest ever and so durable.  So this year we went for the big striped, christmas matching look and it’s pretty fabulous.   Me and Austin got the very merry in tree green PJ’s and we got the kids the new very merry mix pajamas.  Also how adorable is Nash’s elf hat??!!
So, we got comfy and made some cookies and cute christmas-light cookie garlands.  Check out more and the DIY below
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