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November 18, 2016


The Holidays are here and I am so excited!  I look forward to all the parties, dinners and time with friends and family.  These next few months are the best party months of the year!  So obviously I had to share a party DIY.  These picture place-card holders are so simple and can also be gifts for your guests to take home.  SCORE, a twofer.  And who doesn’t love personalized gifts, they are and will always be my favorite.  I wanted to make place cards that were a little different than just a name.  How fun to walk around the table looking at all the pictures and finding one of you.  So whether your guests are family or friends, you can print out a customized picture place card all with the help of the HP sprocket.   They can be a conversation starter, something fun to reminisce on and just a cute gift all around.  Because what better time of year is there than to reflect on all the fun times had?
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November 7, 2016


Thanksgiving is coming and besides the ridiculous amount of delicious food and LEFTOVERS (my very fav) there is the time to reflect on being thankful.  I LOVE that there is a holiday centered around giving thanks!  I look forward to this holiday with my kids because we can all sit and talk about what we are thankful for.  We started a tradition of writing it down all month long, so by the end of the month we have soooo many things to be thankful for.  The last few years I have done thankful trees but this year we are doing it printable style.  You can print this “thankful” poster, color it any way you want and then write down all the things you are grateful for as a family, or just for yourself (you can see I included chocolate).  And if your kids are too small they can just tell you or draw pictures.  It really is the cutest tradition!  Now lets get our gratitude on!  Click through to get the FREE downloadable thankful banner.
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October 21, 2016


Remember when we were monsters for Halloween?  Still one of my favorite family costumes.  In honor of monsters and halloween I rounded up 6 of the cutest monster treats.  There is nothing cuter than some goggly eyed dessert at a Halloween party.  I would much rather eat a monster dessert than a bunch of candy any day. Which one are you going to try?

Monster Cookie Bar  /  Monster Eyeball Donuts  /  Frankenstein Brownies
Rice Crispy Treat Monsters  /  Monster Cookies  /  Truffle Monster Cupcakes

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October 18, 2016


Halloween is almost here!! Where did the time go, I swear all the holidays seem to creep up on me these days.  So I’m sharing a SUPER DUPER easy Halloween DIY because there is always enough time to craft.  These stamped bat candles only take about 20 min and are dang cute!  They can be great table decor for a Halloween dinner, some fun party decorations or just something fun to add around the house and make it more festive.
So get crafting because Halloween isn’t complete without something covered in bats, am I right?

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October 17, 2016


If you followed along on my instagram or insta stories you saw that we were in Ireland last week.  We decided to tag along with Austin on his business trip, it was pretty last min but was sooooo fun!  The weather was perfect, not rainy, not too cold but so fallish (which I needed since it was 90 degrees in So Cal before we left).  This was our first big international trip with all 3 kids and it couldn’t have gone better!  Seriously!  Makes me want to leave tomorrow for another trip.  Im sharing a BUNCH of pictures and what we saw and did below.
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September 16, 2016

prickly-partycolorful-party-table-decorcactus party

I have been wanting to put together a cactus themed party for a LONG time.  More exact… a “prickly party” because cacti are the cutest/prickliest plants ever AND I have yet to kill one yet, woo hoo!  The whole party was inspired by these DIY tissue covered pots I made awhile back.   The minute I made them I knew those colors needed to be made into a party, stat!  And since cactuses are all the rage (move over succulents) I figured a whole party should be dedicated to it ha!  And so the prickly party was born, and I must say I am very much in love.
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September 9, 2016

When we moved into our new place last fall I was sooooo excited to have my own craft/studio room.  A place to call mine, to make huge messes (which I do often), take pictures, and to store all my hoarded party supplies.  Before my craft room, my crafting supplies were everywhere, it was a nightmare.  Although I call the room “MY craft room” for some strange reason the kids LOVE to play in there ha ha.  I have caught them numerous times standing on things they shouldn’t, using things they shouldn’t, and well making even MORE of a mess (I had no idea that was possible, I am pretty dang messy).  I love my little kiddos and their love to “help mom” or create things of their own, BUT it can cause more harm sometimes.  There are way too many things to get into that are not safe…scissors, glue, tiny pins, sharpies, sewing needles, x-acto knives, hot glue gun the list just goes on and on.  So as a crafty mom of 3 curious and busy boys I needed to figure out a way to encourage them but still protect them and my things.  So I am sharing two awesome and safe tips on crafting with kids to help keep those little hands off your stuff but still fuel their crafty side.

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September 6, 2016

DIY-wrapping-ideasDIY-gift-bagsColorful-DIY-gift-bagsI love using tissue paper for gift wrap, and not just the “stuff it in a bag” gift wrap, but getting creative with it.  Tissue paper has major potential guys, so let’s give it some time to shine.  With that being said let’s dress up some gift bags! Making a tissue paper tassel is easy peasy with the fringe cutter tool.  Basically I could make tassels all day long ha.
So with some paint and some tissue paper we can turn boring old gift bags into something worth getting.
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August 31, 2016

Savory-Oatmeal-Recipe-with-fruitSavory-Oatmeal-RecipePrintable-colorng-placemats-for-kidsDinner around here is not really my favorite.  I am NOT a huge fan of cooking, ha ha I love crafting and baking but cooking just isn’t really my thing.  Also, trying to plan dinners that both us and the kids like, can get tricky too.  Generally my kids are great eaters BUT if they had their way they would eat candy for dinner every night.  So to get my boys excited for dinners I try to get their input every now and again and make things they will be excited about.   Because lets be honest…trying to get your kids to eat healthy can be like pulling teeth sometimes.
I loved when got milk? challenged us to come up with a night cereal recipe because it’s probably the greatest idea ever, we all win!  My kids love any kind of breakfast and eating a bowl of their favorite oatmeal for dinner would get some cheers, and that is a simple dinner I can get behind.

To make things fun for the kids I am sharing three cute printables your kids can color, spill on or just enjoy.  Because if we are gonna let our kids take over dinner its gotta be a little messy AND fun, am I right?
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August 5, 2016


I live in Huntington Beach and our family LOVES biking.  We bike to go out to eat, to the beach or just for a fun.  And having a cute way to hold all your goodies is very important.  I rounded up four of the CUTEST diy bike basket ideas.  I kind of want four bikes so I can have the all!
DIY Pannier Bags  |  Woven Basket  |  Floral Bike Basket  |  Polka Dot Basket
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Get crafting and get biking ;)