TELL: Summer Popsicles #1

Summer…. you can be oh so nice or oh so hot, lately its been the latter.  Either way summer makes me crave something cold.  
Does anyone remember homemade popsicles as a kid?? Here was our recipe…Juice.  That was it, frozen juice with sticks, and after 2 min all the juice was gone and it was just ice cubes with sticks.  awe the good ole days.  
so…since I have been wanting a cold tasty treat, I got these fun popsicle molds at target and sticks at Michaels.  Ever since, my mind has been plotting on all of the different and delicious popsicles I am going to make…no “juice only” recipes with these babies, no way.   So I will be posting lots of popsicle recipes this summer this is popsicle recipe #1.
I found this idea on, I tweaked the recipe and made mine slightly more healthy, because if I am going to be eating these every day I might want to chill out on the sugar.   
but aren’t they so pretty? 


1/2 pound fresh Strawberries
1/2 pound fresh blueberries (I used frozed with these and it made it way more icy)
1 cup organic fat free vanilla yogurt
Just blend up the strawberries with a spoon of yogurt and set aside.  Same with the blueberries (I had to add a little milk to soften because my blueberries were frozen).  Then spoon in the ingredients alternating between the three.  This gives it that cool marble look.
Freeze and Eat.
The Supplies
Now which one should I eat first?

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