LOVE: oh so fun Globes!

My husband LOVE love loves maps.  If I gave him complete control of the the house and how it was decorated he would fill it with maps, actually he would cover entire walls in maps!
And so I have started to buy him unique maps on special occasions so that some day when we have a big house, he can have his very own “map room”.  Well I will call it the office, ha ha but it will be decorated with all different kinds of  maps (I am actually really excited for it).  Now I must say I love maps too!!  This is the map we have hanging on our wall right now, documenting where we have been and helping us plan on where we want to go next, its one of my favorite things in our home.
So then I came across these fabulous globes from Imagine Nations!  How awesome are they?  And yes we love globes too, they are just round maps!

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