TELL: My Insta week + MIA

I have been MIA for a bit and let me give a small explanation why…
Along with all the work I have been trying to catch up on I have been mentally preparing for this weekend.  Austin and I are going to Texas and leaving Rowen for the first time.  I cant begin to explain how I feel about this.  I have been trying not to worry, think of the worst, or get overly anxious but I just cant help it.  I hate that I am going to be so far away from him and not be able to put him to bed or be there when he wakes up.  ha ha yes I might sound overly obnoxious and a little melodramatic (Before I had my own child I would have thought the same of someone else) but its just my deep down mega crazy motherly instinct that has kicked in.  AND well I love him…ha ha isn’t that enough?
So although he will be in the best hands EVER (my mom) while we are away, I still worry.  And my week has been less consumed with other things such as blogging and more about the “what if’s”.  BUT this last week was wonderful I have many things to share.  In the mean time here are a few of my phone pictures from last week.
this last week involved:
BABY ducks in our (apartment) pool
Little friends
New Sandals
Pizza on the sand
Fountains and farmers markets

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