This year I made the decision (while I still HAVE a say ha) that our little Rowe would be Max and we would be the Wild Things for Halloween.
I started 2 weeks before Halloween, for me that is CRAZY planning ahead.  So…I sewed and sewed and I sewed and I couldn’t wait for us to wear our costumes together.  Then I started the trick or treat training ha ha!  I taught our little man to say “Trick or Treat” and hold up his plastic pumpkin.  Then, when he said those magic words a little piece od candy would be dropped in.
I couldn’t believe it WORKED!
I was READY!  I was EXCITED!
Life happened.

Our poor little Rowe got croup the DAY before Halloween.  Soooooo there was no trick or treating on Halloween night BUT I had to take some pictures of us in our Costumes…ha ha…I couldn’t let all the hard work go to waist.  Or to deprive the world of the cutest little Max I ever did see :)
So once the Tylenol kicked in and he was feeling better we went to take a couple pictures so I could at least remember this day.

I sure do love this wild little family of mine!

You can find all the costume tutorials here!

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