St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and I figured I should create some cookies…because I LOVE making my sugar cookies and look for ANY chance or excuse to eat (I mean make) them.
These are actually really simple!  And just look adorable.
I already have a ton of cookie cutters and so I am never really excited to buy new ones and add to the mess I call my “cookie making box”.  So I tried to be creative with what I had so I used my circle cookie cutter.
Circle Cookie Cutter
Wilton Icing color:  I used a mix of sky blue and Delphinium Blue
Colored Sprinkles:  Red, Orange, Yellow and Green
Wilton Frosting Tips:  #3 and #12
Wilton Frosting Bags: I use 10in or 12in
Wilton Meringue powder
Powdered Sugar

Over HERE is the cookie and Royal Icing recipe

After frosting all the cookies blue (I did a small tutorial on how to fill in the frosting here)
Let them dry for at LEAST 8 hours before adding the rainbow and clouds.
Then take your #3 frosting tip and draw a line half way around the circle.
Pour out your sprinkles onto a plate and then dip your cookie in the sprinkles…This will also flatten out the line.
then repeat with each color.
Lastly take your #12 frosting tip and add some clouds.  Let dry overnight and then enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “TELL: RAINBOW COOKIES

    Jo Tin

    how do you keep the spinkles colors from mixing? i did a practice and the colors were mixing

    did you make sure to tap or shake off any excess sprinkles and let dry for just a min before doing the next color? Hope that helps!! xoxo