I have been inspired by a couple blogs to document the every day.  I always document big events, special occasions and holidays but what about just the average day?  I always seem to rely on my phone for those moments because its easy.  This year I am going to really TRY to get my camera out and capture more of the every day, because lets be honest, those are some of the days I seem to laugh the hardest, and really REALLY want to remember.
oh gosh…these TWO!! Rowe is SOOOO good with his brother is just melts my heart!
he is ALWAYS reaching for the remote…why these things are more interesting then toys I’ll never know
Then there is the dirt.  Yes the endless dirt, machines, and the filthy boy it creates.  BUT I must say I love it and I don’t document enough of it.  Yes he is still wearing his clothes from church and that is OK
and you see that my “garden box” has slowly turned into a construction zone.  Live it up Rowe because there will be some planting in there soon
some park time and this CUTIE!  I just want to squeeze him all day long
ha ha trying to take a pic with D and Rowe “taking our picture” with the monopod.
A couple great park moments:
-when Rowe said to a guy on his bike “cool bike man”
And him carrying that monopod around the whole park and pausing every few seconds to “take pictures” of trees, ducks, and a guy on a skateboard.  He is the BEST!

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