I just LOVE when little kids make something. It’s so sweet and pure. I just adore watching my son do anything creative, and I firmly believe that the best gifts on mothers day are ones that are made (they seem to mean the most to me).  I had so much fun making these with my son, and although they’re not for me, we did make some for the grandma’s ;)
This DIY Mother’s Day gift is so so easy, and fun to watch your kids get creative and messy.  The best part is it’s from the “heart”.  (Ha ha – did you see what I did there?)
It involves contact paper and some messy painting courtesy of your kiddos and your done!
learn all about how to make these after the jump

clear contact paper
any kind! (I used acrylic)
white card stock 
make sure you use card stock and not regular paper.  Card stock is more slippery and the contact paper will just peal right off. Normal paper will stick.
You can print your own paper with a different font, or you can download the ones we did:
cut out a piece of contact paper a little bigger than the paper
place the contact paper over the paper so you can see the words through and then draw a heart.  This way you can make the heart the correct size
fold the contact paper and cut out the heart you drew.  You want to make sure you fold it because that way the heart you drew will be more symmetrical
 place the heart on the paper again to get an idea of where you want to put it when you remove the backing
remove the backing and start to place the sticky contact paper onto your paper.  Start from the top and drag down.
I made sure I ran my finger along the edge of the heart so that it stuck really good so no paint bleeds through
and there you go!  Its great because the extra contact paper on the sides holds the paper in place and your kids can paint it like crazy!
paint… then peel off…then let dry

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