What is the next best thing to getting flowers?  How about little cookie flowers?  I mean, they smell good AND you can eat them.

I found the most adorable tiny cookie cutters and I thought… tiny flower cookies would be so cute for mothers day!

I ordered these ADORABLE cards from Treat and am just in love with how they turned out!  The quality is awesome and I love how special the pictures make them.  Ha ha, and how many cards can you find that say Ga Ga (Rowe’s name for my mom)?  I just love that I could personalize each card.  I thought they went SO well with these little cookies!  I even made sure I matched the color of the cookies with the cards (because I’m crazy like that ha)

I left the inside blank by not adding another picture so Rowe could “write” a special message in there for his grandmas.

The best part is the kids can help make these cookies too.  I loved watching my son decorate the cookies. I couldn’t help but smile over that “concentration face” –  and he LOVES to help (and loves eating the frosting even more).

Read all about how to make these cute flower cookies after the jump.

I have made these cookies a LOT.  Here is a link to the cookie recipe.
The Royal Icing is the key to having these cute petals hold their shape.  I always vary in the thickness of my royal icing and since I wanted these petals to hold their shape I had to make the consistency very thick.  You want to add in the water very slowly so you can control the thickness.  I just make sure that when I shake the bowl the frosting doesn’t flatten out or move much.
Here is the Royal Icing recipe from Wilton
3 Tablespoons Wilton Meringue Powder
4 cups confectioners sugar
6 tablespoons warm water
(again: add the water SLOWLY so that you can control the consistency, you want the icing to form peaks and not flatten back out)
Wilton food coloring colors:
Creamy Peach
Buttercup Yellow
Dephinium Blue
Wilton decorating tips:


Here is a video so you can see how I used each of the decorating tips.

Happy almost Mother’s Day!  Bake away!

cards c/o Treat

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