This summer I am teaming up with Merrick from Merrick’s Art for some summer parties!  We have some things in the works and so my mind has been working on so many DIY ideas.  THESE were one of them!  I saw some aloe succulents at Home Depot and somehow they turned into these cute pineapple planters!  I LOVED how they turned out.   So fun for a table centerpiece of decorations.
I think the neon yellow makes it that much better!
Read all about how to make these pineapple planters after the jump


yellow neon cardstock
wide mouth 16 oz mason jar (got mine from Hobby Lobby, 40% off coupons baby!)
glue gun
Aloe Succulent Plant
(there are lots of different kind of Aloe plants the one I got is “Aloe Ciliaris”
 Measure out your triangles.  The Triangle that I used for my mason jar measures 1 and 5/8 inch on each side
 cut and start to glue
Then plant your succulent inside!

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