Neon pineapple crayons…how fun is that?  I have seen others making crayons and when I saw this cute pineapple ice tray I knew I had to give it a try.
This DIY is so incredibly simple to do, and I learned some crayon making “need to knows” along the way as well.


Ice tray or candy mold tray
Crayons (use ones you have laying around the house or you can go out and buy some neon colored ones like me.  I bought mine at target)
Set oven to 250.
Cut up the crayons.
Put in ice cube tray
Bake for about 10-14 min (or until completely melted)
remove and let cool
Once completely cooled take them out of the mold
Here are some crayon making tips that I learned along the way.  My first batch didn’t turn out so well so I had to try some different things.
1.  Cut up the crayons into small pieces.  They melt more consistently and you can be more accurate in how many crayons go into each mold
2.  Put a LOT of crayons into the each mold, so many that they are overflowing, they will melt down into the right size
3.  Do not let them cool in the freezer.  Cool the crayons at room temperature or put in the fridge.
4.  Put your ice tray on a cookie sheet.  There could be some spills and you don’t want melted crayon in your oven.
5.   Once you use the mold to make crayons they are pretty much ruined for anything besides crayon making, especially if your mold has a bunch of grooves like the pineapples.  BUT there is a way to clean them if you want.  Boil some water and put the water into each mold and let it sit.  Once the water has started to cool, dump it out, turn each mold inside out and wipe (hard) with a paper towel or washcloth.
Repeat until clean :)
6.  The less intricate the design of the mold the better.  These pineapple ones are not for the faint of heart.  Those stems are tricky and can break easily.  The trick is to be very gently and SLOW.  But if your mold is a heart it is going to be much easier ;)
7.  Lastly taking the wrappers off of crayons is the WORST! ha ha the worst!  I felt like I was repeatedly taking those pesky bar code stickers off of stuff…you know the ones…where they don’t come off in one nice piece, just little annoying pieces.  UGH.  Maybe it was just the cheap target brand crayons I bought.  But my tip here is patience, ha ha, because I had none!
Good luck!! And if you have some more words of “crayon making” wisdom, please share!

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