I LOVE parties, but I love throwing them even more.  So a summer party was only natural. Not just any summer party… a “summer floral affair”
Merrick and I were so excited to work along side some amazing companies and throw such a fun summer party.  I have been so excited to share pictures :)  We collaborated with minted and created those ADORABLE invitations!  They were wedding invitations, but redesigned just for our floral party.  And the colors helped inspire us for the decorations.
Most of the decor was super simple.  Crepe paper flower (which were WAY cheaper than real flowers), greenery (which we just cut down from bushes and trees), the banners, globes and some garland.
We asked everyone to wear white and had a table set up where everyone could create a floral crown.  Thanks to Jo-ann Fabric and Craft for providing us with all of the lovely silk flowers.  The floral crowns just made everything seem so whimsical. I loved it.  The whole feeling of the party was so dreamy, just sitting under those lanterns, wearing white and crowned in flowers.
thanks to this awesome girl for being my party throwing partner!  Love you Merrick ;)
Now onto a DIY.  I did some of the decor for the party and I am sharing one today…
these balsa wood banner signs.
Read all about the tutorial after the jump

I used 1 1/2 pieces of balsa wood pieces.  1 full piece for the main part of the banner and a half for the sides.  Mine measured 36″ x 6″ x 1/8″
x acto Knife
black and white acrylic paint
glue gun
greenery and flowers
First cut out the banner shape and ends.  The height of the ends of the banner should match the height of the body of the banner.
paint the pieces black leaving a small border around the outside.  Paint what you want your banner to say first before you glue on the ends.
I cut up some small pieces of balsa wood about 1″ by 3″.  Glue them into a stack and then glue onto the  back end of the banner.  This gives the banner some depth.
 Then glue the sides on, sitting a little lower than the main part of the banner
decorate with greenery and flowers.

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