A few weeks ago I took the boys to pick blueberries.  It was such a beautiful spot, the view was gorgeous and since we got there early, it was so peaceful.  Both my boys were in heaven, and Denny tried his hardest to reenact Blueberries for Sal (minus the bear!).  We picked so many berries and even my little guy fell asleep (blueberry coma).
We picked SO many berries, making jam was the obvious choice.
Read about the jam making and cute DIY way to package them, after the jump!

The blueberry jam recipe we used, was from Martha Stewart.  I did make it with only half the sugar and it is still amazing!

Also if you are new to canning, I liked this video.  I didn’t use this recipe but the video is simple and easy to follow.
Now on to the packaging, and you KNOW how much I love good packaging/ gift wrap.
There is NO way we can fly home with all that jam, and who doesn’t want some blueberry goodness as a gift?
What you need:
Mason Jars
Rit dye (navy blue)
Cut out fabric big enough to wrap around the mason jar.
Wet the fabric.
Wrap the wet fabric around the empty mason jar
Dip into dye.  I wanted an ombre look so I dipped it once and then held the bottom in the dye for a little longer
Hang to dry.
Be careful the dye doesn’t drip onto other parts of the fabric.
Tie on a bow and give friends some blueberry love.  This is perfect for any preserve,  just change up the dye colors to match :)

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