I’m so excited to finally get my Halloween craft on!  We get pretty excited about the Holidays in this house…well when I say “we” I really mean “me”.  BUT my awesome enthusiasm rubs off on the rest of them ha ha.
I’ve gotta start out the Halloween crafts this month with something that has to do with candy, of course!  These little candy corn goodie bag / favor pouches are the EASIEST!
Read the easy peasy tutorial after the jump

Brown Kraft Wrapping Paper (mine is from target)
Acrylic Paint (yellow, orange, and white)
Sewing Machine
 Cut out candy corn shapes.  Paint them.
Take two candy corn painted cut outs and sew them together.  When you have almost finished sewing, stuff in the yummy candy corn through the small opening.  Then finish sewing.
 Simple Right??

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