I am still in Halloween recovery, from the all night sewing for days, to the (STILL) constant consuming of candy.  The decorations are now down, and I am a little sad it’s over!  I love Halloween, I mean, I am always down to dress up crazy… always – and Halloween gives me that excuse ;)  So when it comes to our Halloween costumes I can’t help but go all out.  I start to plan out our costumes in September.  Although I procrastinate and am up to my eye balls in fabric and sewing till all hours of the night about a week before…I can’t wait to do it all again next year.  This year we were a circus family, and it might be one of my favorites.  The boys looked beyond adorable!  And I was excited, because, when do you get a chance to wear a tutu?  Anywho, here are some pictures from Halloween, look for the tutorial for our costumes next year!

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    Kayla shaw

    Loved these costumes. They are my inspiration for this year.. could you tell me what kind of tie he is wearing? Is that an ascot or just a skinny tie tied differently?

    Oh yay! It is actually just fabric I bought at a fabric store. I just cut it into the size I wanted and tied it around his neck. I tried to buy a thicker fabric and its a knit so it sort of curls on the end. Hope that helps :)