Merry Christmas!!
I hope you all are having the merriest Christmas!
I wanted to take the time to thank everyone.  This year has been so amazing and such a learning experience for me.  When I started to blog again in March I was a little nervous, but excited.  I can’t even tell you the love and support from so many other bloggers, YOU readers and just friends.  It has meant the world to me that each one of you read my blog, that some amazing bloggers have taken the time to include me in things and help me along the way, and that my family has been so supportive of this new venture.  I am feeling extremely thankful this Christmas for family, friends and for all of you wonderful readers that have made this blogging journey of mine so wonderful.
I hope you all are having a Christmas filled with love, friends and family!
I’m taking a small week break to spend time with those I love, but Ill see you in Jan!  I’ve got some exciting things planned!
love always

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