I LOOOOOOOVE gold, and have been dying to gold foil something, or “gilding” as I have learned it is called.  So when I found these paper mache heart (chocolate) boxes I thought theywould be perfect as my first gilding project.  They turned out so cute!
 Get ready for some more gold foiling posts because this stuff is super fun AND easy!
-Acrylic Paint
-sponge brush (or special gilding brushes)
-paint brush
 Tape off if needed and paint.  I did a few coats.
Tape off section that you want to foil.  Paint on the gilding adhesive.  Once it feels tacky to the touch then you can start to add the gold foil.  (It doesn’t take long for it to get sticky.)
Take a sheet of the goild foil with the tissue still attached and place on top of the adhesive area (gold foil down) run your brush over the top then peel away.  It just peels right off, super easy!  Then continue.  It will come off in different chunks and pieces and you will have to go over missed sections but you smooth it all over in the end.
 Now take your special guilding brush (of if your cheap like me, your foam 49 cent brush) and smooth the foil.  Extra pieces will come off and attach to the brush.  Then you are done.  If you want you can also add some adhesive spray to really set it.
Then you are done!


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