I am not a very organized person and living in an apartment doesn’t help my problem.  I don’t have an office to put all my crafts and projects in, so basically my house can become a mess of old and new projects.  I felt so inspired by Amy’s post on getting organized and cleaning up, that I ACTUALLY started doing something. And since then, I’ve cleaned out and completely organized a closet specifically for all my crazy crafts.  I still have a lot to do, but its a start!  Now that it’s started I can’t wait to do more.  Our place is looking less and less like a “craft graveyard” as my husband puts it ha!  So yay to organizing!!
Here is a roundup of some adorable organizing DIY’s that I can’t wait to try.

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    Awesome Ideas! I’m feeling inspired :)

    Aw YAY! I still need to clean out the closet, but it’s next on the list. So stoked you got started on the same journey <3
    AND, thanks for the shout-out and sharing my folders :D Good to be part of such a lovely roundup!

    ha ha I am on a rampage! Just did my closet last night ;)

    That wall calendar is cute! I’ll totally do that one for my room.

    I know right? so funky and fun!

    So I basically want to try out everything in this post!! Love it all!

    me too, me too! Now I just need an office….. ha ha xo!

    This is a great round-up of organizing DIYs! Thanks for sharing from the Tiny Prints blog!