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Welcome to the new site!! I am so excited about how much cleaner and user friendly it is!!

It has been so fun watching my blog continue to grow and change over the years.  I finally feel like this blog is where I want it to be and that I always seemed to go back and forth from what I wanted to share, but now I’ve finally found my niche.  So thanks for you patience these last few weeks as I haven’t had much to share, but this is why.

Some wonderful people have helped me so much with this and most of the thanks has to go to my husband Austin who basically did everything!! I sure love him.  But I also have to say thank you to Julie who designed my logo, I love it so much she is amazing!  And also Tara from Rad and Happy who took my new pics!!

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7 thoughts on “NEW SITE!


    ahh man!! I wish my husband would build me a new site! this looks amazing!!

    The site looks SO good, Sara!

    AH!! It’s so gorgeous, Sara!!!! Love the new design so much!

    LOVE the new site Sara!!! its so beautiful! blogger still? or wordpress?

    Thanks Sina!! it is wordpress now! A little harder to learn but so much cleaner!