Let’s talk jewelry.  Whenever I am traveling I always throw my jewelry into a cute bag, but they always seem to be a big tangled mess when I go to use them.  So a travel jewelry bag seemed likethe perfect solution.  It is simple to make and can save so much untangling time, and it is cute, which is very important ha.  I was excited to collaborate with the Jay + Renae collective, that really focuses on helping women through collaboration, recognition and support of the handcrafts.  Their jewelry is simply gorgeous.
With the elastic you are able to organize, separate and keep jewelry in one place so they travel safe.  Rebecca Scott, the owner and founder of Jay + Renae, makes the most gorgeous jewelry, including this rich jade gemstone necklace. You can see more of her pieces here.
This travel bag is also a perfect gift!
Now go plan a trip and get your DIY on!
-Vinyl or Faux Leather
-Medium Firm Interfacing
-Rotary Cutter
-Fabric Glue
Measure out the size of your jewelry bag.  Mine measures 12″ x 8″
 Cut the top of each piece.  Measure out the middle and 2 inches down on each side.  then cut to the middle.  The new measurement now on each side is 10″.
 Cut out a piece of interfacing.  You want the interfacing to be FIRM so that it keeps the shape of the bag.  I cut it the exact same size as the bag to start and then trimmed it down.
 You want the interfacing to be a little smaller than the bag.  Measure and cut off about 1/4 inch from each side.  Since this is vinyl you cant iron on the interfacing, it will melt the vinyl.
 Next fold over and figure out button placement.
 Attach button.  Here is a great tutorial on how to do this.
 Cut out a couple strips of elastic and sew onto the inside of your bag with the interfacing attached, this will help keep the interfacing in place
You can decide how many sections you want in the elastic.  I made 3.
 You can see where I sewed each section.
TIP: Since its vinyl it is a little stretchy.  When sewing or glueing make sure you stretch it out as much as you can so there is no baggy give later.
 Next glue on the other side.  (you can sew this part too if you want!)  Glue as close to the outside as possible and then put glue in the middle as well so you can glue the other side of the interfacing to the back of the bag.
Lastly tape off a design.  Cover any area you don’t want gold and then spray paint.


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    This idea is just perfect! I traveled recently and all my jewelry is still all jumbled together!

    Oh yay! So glad I could help, ha ha I was in the same boat :)

    I need this in my life!! Love the gold detail
    Hannah x


    Duuude, you’re a genius. Love it.



    Coline Sillard

    Nice DIY ! I love the idea !