Lets talk craft supplies!!  My six FAVORITE craft supplies, to be exact.
I have a lot of different tools I use to create all my DIYs but, here is a small list of my favs.  My supplies are pretty simple and nothing new to a lot of you,  but simple gets the job done.  So if you’re starting to build up a supply or adding to your stash these are some good ones.

1.  Glass Cutting Matt:  Ok you guys…THIS thing was a game changer for me.  Literally.  You can use it for everything.  You can cut on it, paint on it and glue on it and then just wipe it clean.  Its most definitely my favorite crafting supply.

2.  Acrylic Paints:  I paint soooo many crafts and these paints are the best.  They are bright, multipurpose and fun.  I have two boxes full and am always buying more, its like my crack of the crafting world ha ha.

3.  Hole Punch:  Ok, I have about 20 different hole punches, and I love them all.  I use them all the time for gift wrap, garlands or confetti.  My favorite shape is definitely the circle because it is the most versatile.

4.  X-ACTO knife:  I use this thing more than scissors and I think is SUCH a handy tool to have when doing any sort of crafting.

5.  Glue Gun:  This is pretty basic, and most people have one but it needs to get a shout out ha.  Glue guns are my favorite way to glue.  I do get burnt on occasion but I love that there is no toxic smell and I somehow have a never-ending supply of glue sticks so I never seem to run out.

6.  Patterning tape:  This tape is so much fun!! I am fairly new to it, but immediately fell in love.  I think it is the perfect tape for getting creative with painting.  But you can always stick to the good ole blue painters tape if the patterning tape seems like a bit much.  Either way tape is a good one to have around.

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