Welp, if you know me, you KNOW I love acrylic paints.  Seriously though, painting stuff with bright colors, is what I do best (if you can’t tell already from most of my DIY’s).  When I bought some muslin bags awhile ago, a LOT of bags, naturally I needed to paint some.  These little painted treat bags are so fun and very simple to make.  Also, if you haven’t tried stamping with foam pouncers, get ready for a treat!  They just might be my new favorite thing.polka-dot-candy-treat-bagspainted-polka-dot-treat-bags


Foam Pouncers
Acrylic Paint
Muslin Bags

1.  Grab assorted pouncers and paint colors.
2.  Place a piece of paper inside of the bag you are about to paint to make sure the paint doesn’t bleed through to the other side.
3.  Put some paint down and place the pouncer in the paint.  Move it around to make sure all of it is covered.
4.  Stamp onto muslin bag, continue with different colors.


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3 thoughts on “PAINTED TREAT BAGS


    I need to try these pouncers! These would be great as gift bags



    These are super cute!

    Adorable! Love how easy the pouncers make it too!