If you saw my fridge and the clutter of pictures, invitations, coupons and who knows what else you would know that I NEED more magnets.  SO it was only a matter of time before I made some of my own.  And of course they needed to be colorful so these geo wood magnets were born.


Wood Blocks
-Acrylic Paint
Patterning Tape
Foam Pouncer

–  Paint the wood block on all sides.
–  Tape off a few of the blocks making triangle and rectangle shapes
–  Paint, let dry then take tape off.
–  Take your foam pouncer and make a half circle on some of the blocks.
–  Once the blocks are all dry and painted it’s time to glue on the magnets.
(just be sure if you have children in the house, you choose a magnet that is safe for them)
-Glue, let dry and then make your fridge look super cute.DIY-geo-wood-block-magnents.--Make-sure-you-fridge-is-cute-and-colorful

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7 thoughts on “GEO WOOD MAGNETS

    Adorable! Love the colors and the designs you chose :)

    These are just so cute and colourful!

    xoxoBella |


    These magnets are so cute! I’m going to have to make some for our fridge!



    The colors are so on point for your brand, too!


    Eeee these are so simple and CUTE!


    I love these! I enforce a strict “nothing on the fridge” policy in our house (clutter drives me insane lol), but I would very gladly make an exception for these cuties!

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