If you followed along on my instagram or insta stories you saw that we were in Ireland last week.  We decided to tag along with Austin on his business trip, it was pretty last min but was sooooo fun!  The weather was perfect, not rainy, not too cold but so fallish (which I needed since it was 90 degrees in So Cal before we left).  This was our first big international trip with all 3 kids and it couldn’t have gone better!  Seriously!  Makes me want to leave tomorrow for another trip.  Im sharing a BUNCH of pictures and what we saw and did below.
ireland-35Our whole trip itinerary was based around my husband’s work and what he needed to film, but since all of Ireland is gorgeous we were on board.  We flew into Dublin, hung out there for a few hours ate lunch thenWe played in Dublin then left for Cork.
We first stayed in Cork for our first few nights.  Our hotel was seriously my most favorite hotel, probably ever ha!  We stayed at Castlemartyr, it’s the closest I’ll get to feeling like I was living in a Jane Austin novel, and lets just say it was dreamy.  It had a little castle area to explore, ponies, horses, a gorgeous indoor swimming pool, swans and such beautiful landscapes.  So there was lots for me and the boys to explore and do.

Cork was so fun and we went to the cutest little seaport town called Cobh (pronounced cove, go figure).  Any town with cute bright buildings has my heart and there were PLENTY in Ireland.  It was the windiest day by far but the blue skies made it 100% ok!ireland-23ireland-21ireland-17ireland-18ireland-32ireland-19ireland-20ireland-29

Next was the day of castles.  We started at Blarney Castle which was my favorite.  The grounds of the castle are so amazing and well taken care of, I could have spent all day there.  The kids LOVED the caves underneath the castle and even the whindy steps to get to the top.   They had a blast and Rowen still says it was his favorite thing in all of Ireland.  So you guys…I am NOT afraid of heights but walking up all those stairs with a tiny baby strapped to me and two crazy boys that love to climb seriously gave me SO much anxiety!  I was deathly afraid they were going to fall to their death ha ha so once we were at the top i held onto their little hands like a crazy person and couldn’t wait to get back down.  Good thing there were lots of little rooms and coves to explore on the way down ha ha otherwise it would have been a long climb for the boys to do absolutely nothing thanks to their paranoid mom ha!


Next we went to Rock of Cashel.  As we were driving there we called them to make sure they would be open, sadly we found out they were going to closing 20 min before we got there.  But the worker told us we could hop the fence and explore all around the grounds ha ha….so we figured if he said it was ok then it was.  Austin took the boys, climbed the fence and watched the sun set up on the hill by the castle and he says it was his most favorite moment. irelandireland-39ireland-2ireland-4ireland-5

Our last adventure was to the cliffs of Moher.  The drive to the cliffs is one of my very favorites.  You drive through so many beautiful colorful little towns and everything is so quaint.  You could take all day and stop and enjoy each place.  The cliffs have lots of memories for us.  Austin and I traveled the world right after we got married for a year and our first spot was Ireland.  We had come to the cliffs of Moher 7 years ago together, newly married and no kiddos.  It was so amazing to come back all these years later with our whole family and see it together.  They really are amazing!  And the day was sunny and beautiful which made it that much better.  ireland-14ireland-9ireland-8ireland-11cliffs-of-moherireland-7ireland-13 ireland-12That was our quick trip to Ireland.  It was beautiful fun and an adventure with the whole family.  It’s definitely different traveling with kids.  All the bathroom breaks, stopping to feed Nash, naps in the car and lots of craziness along the way, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat.  Love this family of mine and the opportunity we had to go on this fun trip.

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    Laura Blanton

    Oh my goodness. What a beautiful trip and family! You make me want to start planning a trip to Ireland with MY boys. Haha!

    (Also, any chance you’d link to everybody’s outfits? I’ve been on the hunt to similar boots an jackets for my boys!)

    Hi Laura :) ha ha DO it!! It is such a great country for little ones. I just updated my post with a shop to link at the bottom, hope that helps!! I linked to everything that is still available. Unfortunately the coats for my boys are a few years old and not available anymore. The black one is from Billabong and the army one is from Cotton on. The sweatshirt my oldest is wearing in most of the pics is from Target, also older. Hope that helps! And we are obsessed with the kids rain boots! SO light weight and easy to clean.