The Holidays are here and I am so excited!  I look forward to all the parties, dinners and time with friends and family.  These next few months are the best party months of the year!  So obviously I had to share a party DIY.  These picture place-card holders are so simple and can also be gifts for your guests to take home.  SCORE, a twofer.  And who doesn’t love personalized gifts, they are and will always be my favorite.  I wanted to make place cards that were a little different than just a name.  How fun to walk around the table looking at all the pictures and finding one of you.  So whether your guests are family or friends, you can print out a customized picture place card all with the help of the HP sprocket.   They can be a conversation starter, something fun to reminisce on and just a cute gift all around.  Because what better time of year is there than to reflect on all the fun times had?
HP-Sprocket-picture-printerThese personalized picture place cards are easy to make and printing the pictures only takes seconds. I am guilty of keeping soooo many of my favorite pictures trapped on my phone and computer and they never get printed. My biggest hang up is definitely the time it takes. The HP sprocket prints pictures you just took or have stored on your phone in seconds.  And the best part…it doesn’t need ink! ha ha lets give a cheer, because buying ink cartridges is NOT my idea of a good time.  The pictures have a peal away sticky back so you can put them in albums or on walls.  I think it’d be a cool gift to give this season or a tool to help you create fun personalized gifts for others.

Sculpey Clay
Rolling Pin
Cookie Cutter
X-acto Knife
Gold Spray Paint
HP Sprocket

Roll out your clay.  It’s pretty tough to start with, but the more you roll it and work it the softer it gets.
Cut out circles with your circle cookie cutter.
(Tip:  When you cut out your circles turn the front side down when you cut them out, so when you are pushing the clay out of the cutter you are pushing on the backside.  Keeps the finger prints to a minimum)
diy-place-card-holdersCut the bottom of the circles so the place cards stand upright.
clay-photo-holder-diyMake small slits in the top of the circles for the pictures to go in.  You can cut out some card stock to test how well they fit.
diy-clay-place-card-holderCook your clay according to the directions.

Spray paint the holders, then print your pictures.

This post is sponsored by HP Sprocket.  Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Tell Love and Party going.

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    I would love to have one of those HPs. Thanks for sharing!

    I know! Aren’t they so fun! Hope you entered the giveaway ;)


    Nidhi Sharma

    What a lovely DIY :) I am gonna try these ones to made some photo holder for a wall shelf decor. Thank you


    Beautiful! Where are the little pink trees from?! They’re adorable!