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Christmas is my FAVORITE time, like most favorite ever!  When Buddy the Elf screams “SANTA!!”, that is my enthusiasm all month long.  And what makes me love Christmas so much are all the fun traditions we have started with our little family.  From Christmas boat parades to gingerbread house decorating parties…I love every single one.  But one tradition we have been doing ever since my oldest was just a baby is Christmas pajamas.  Every year we give each other new Christmas PJ’s to wear.  Because going to bed in cozy, festive jammies just screams Christmas in my book.  And they are not just for sleeping, we wear them to watch movies, drink coco, see christmas lights and even decorate cookies. Basically we live in them for the month of Christmas, ha.  Hanna Andersson pajamas are my MOST favorite and I have been buying them for my boys every year since they were babies.  They are SO soft, the cutest ever and so durable.  So this year we went for the big striped, christmas matching look and it’s pretty fabulous.   Me and Austin got the very merry in tree green PJ’s and we got the kids the new very merry mix pajamas.  Also how adorable is Nash’s elf hat??!!
So, we got comfy and made some cookies and cute christmas-light cookie garlands.  Check out more and the DIY below


When decorating cookies with kids you need to put the whole “perfect cookie” hopes aside and just enjoy the love and joy put into every messy cookie they create.

Christmas light cookie cutter
Wood skewer
Candy Melts
Bakers Twine

-Make dough (you can find my favorite recipe here).  Cut out your Christmas light shapes.  You want them to be thick, this will be better for making the holes.  When you have all of them lined out on a cookie sheet take your skewer (the blunt end) and make two little holes at the top of the cookie.
-Make sure to cook your cookies well.  If they are too soft they wont stay on the garland.
-Get comfy in your PJ’s and decorate you cookies!
-Using candy melts instead of frosting really makes it a lot less messy.  They harden quickly and are best if you are making a cookie garland.
-Melt the candy melts in the microwave on the defrost setting, don’t over melt or heat or they get too clumpy.
-Since they harden faster you want to put any sprinkles on right after frosting.
-Once they are hardened it is time to string them.  Get your bakers twin and string up your cookies lights.

You can hang them up or eat them on the spot, either way they are adorable and your kids will love them.

This post is in partnership with Hanna Andersson.  All opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Tell Love and Party going.

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    The photos are so adorable, and I love the idea of an eatable garland!

    Megan at Adventure & Home

    You have such an adorable family and I love the idea of edible decorations! Definitely doing that. :D