It’s a new year and it’s time for the recaps and resolutions post, and let me start out by saying this is the most writing I have done maybe EVER on this blog.
First let’s talk top posts!  It is so fun at the end of the year, seeing what people loved the most and what got the most views.  Because I obviously am excited about everything I create, ha ha, but I also love to see what you loved most too.  This year was a pretty good mix but here are my top 4 posts of 2016!
Confetti Bowls, tassel tote bag, painted wood containers, and last but not least the fiesta party garland.
Thanks so much for all the love this past year!  It means the world to me!

So on to some resolution and a LOT of talking…especially for me ;)
So … last year was amazing because I had my third sweet baby boy … but it has also been a blur.  I feel like the whole pregnancy and newborn baby phase was all-consuming, beautiful, amazing and hard and now I am just starting to feel like myself again.  The babe is FINALLY sleeping through the night (most nights) and is just the happiest baby on the planet during the day.  I am starting to feel like my body is going back to normal so I am ready to hit this 2017 year running! Except I hate running.

I have never been good at resolutions, especially sticking to them, but this year you guys I am gonna do it!  But really … I have already put things into effect that will help me succeed, woo hoo!  I have lots of little more personal resolutions with my kids, my faith, my health and what not, but I wanted to share two (that are a little more blog related) with you guys that I am really going to try and focus on this year.

First is to not be too scattered.  I tend to be kind of a scatter brain, in basically everything I do.  I will be in the middle of laundry then run to check on something in the kitchen, then be on my computer answering an email but half way through go to google something (or let’s be honest, online shop), then sit down and read my son a story and forget what I was even doing in the first place.  This has not worked well for me.  I have never been one to make crazy lists or map out my day or plan certain times to do things … I have always just gone with the flow.  But looking back at my “going with the flow” lifestyle I realized it was the opposite of productive or organized and left even less time with the things I think are most important … my husband, my kids and my faith.  So this year I am going to get my organization on, yep that is right, I am going to be THAT person that plans out my days and does time blocking.  Because I have come to realize “THAT” person is kind of a genius.  I think if I set aside specific times to play with my kids or answer emails or clean the bathroom I will get way more done and ACTUALLY stick to the task at hand.  So that means if I am playing with my son and that is his time, there is no checking my phone, or stopping to rotate laundry or cleaning the living room.  It is HIS time and only his time.  And if I am answering emails or writing blog posts there is no shopping on Anthro or watching YouTube videos.  I need to stick to the task at hand.  Ha ha, NOW that being said I am a mom, so planning can only go so far … because my kids need me 24 hours a day and I’m never going to say “sorry, this isn’t your time block.”  But I do think it will be helpful to me and hopefully keep me as organized as my scattered brain can be and replace my less-important mini tasks with more-important accomplished ones.  So I have already got the ball rolling.  I have made choir charts, cleaning to-dos and what days to do them and I have already started working on a calendar of my days and what I want to accomplish in life and blog.  So wish me luck guys and if you are a super organized person and have ANY tips send them my way because this is all new to me, ha, and I know this will in no way be outstanding … but I am shooting for better.

Second I really want to be more “social”.  Now my friends would probably laugh at that because I am an extremely loud and talkative and a pretty social person but I am talking about being social on social media. That sounds weird ha ha so let me explain.  Social media … it is the best thing and sometimes the worst thing.  I love seeing people’s pictures or finding out what has been going on!  Whether if it’s of crafts, home remodels or cute kids I really do love it all.  BUT when it comes to social media I am NOT social.  I love to look, and laugh and smile but then it stops there. I never comment!  NOT because I don’t love everything I see or the people that are putting it on there but because I just suck at it.  Maybe it’s a mix of me being lazy or maybe I’m envious sometimes or maybe I am just oblivious.  Whatever the reason I am going to be better.
I know social media can be all consuming and there can be some nasty hateful things on there, or people use it for nasty or hateful things and I am naturally a pretty happy person so I decided instead of being so silent on social media I needed to talk more, especially happy talk.  Talk more to my amazing Instagram followers, reply to kind comments, comment more on friends and families successes or sorrows.  I want to see something that I find funny, or beautiful or inspiring and TELL that person.  Instead of just scrolling on past.  I want to be a happy voice on social media and keep better in touch with others.  This may sound dumb to some or maybe even seem so insignificant, but I feel like if I am going to blog and put myself and the things I make out there, on to the wild-west that is the internet, then I need to talk more and connect.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE when people are kind and cheer me on, or say kind things when I have a bad day I feel connected to them and happy.  I love when I share a picture or a trip with my family and friends are so excited for us, it feel so so good.  So I think … why the heck am I not doing that more for others, I sure think it, why am I not taking the time then to tell them.  NOW I am not saying I am going to spend MORE time on social media because goodness knows I do not need to, I am actually hoping to spend less. BUT the time I do spend on there I want to be filled with conversation and kind comments and congratulations, laughs or nice words.  I want to be more involved with my readers and followers cause I don’t show enough of how much I appreciate the thoughtful comments and kind words.  I want to be more involved with family and friends and cheer them on in their success in life and I want to just say positive nice things.  I want to be the opposite of an internet troll, what would that even be … an internet unicorn??  Because the world needs happy, always.

I’m really hopeful for this year and I think it might be the first time I follow through with my resolutions, cause I have a good feeling about 2017!  So cheers to more crafting, connecting, sharing and caring.

Love you all and thanks for reading along.  Phew … did you guys even know I can talk that much?!

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