This is the second day of “12 days of wrapping” and today we are embracing GOLD!  Give me all the gold!!  From gold gift toppers to gold foiled Holiday cards it looks pretty on anything.  I teamed up with Mixbook for our Christmas cards this year, and also wanted to share DIY gold gift toppers and the BEST present you can give this season.
Do you guys give out Holiday cards??  I have been giving them out since I got married. They are probably my most favorite things to get in the mail.  It’s such a wonderful reminder of all the family and friends we have made, kept and are so very grateful for every year.  Now because I have been giving out cards for about 9 years now I have learned a few things.  Mixbook is seriously amazing!! I have used them for birthdays and other events but this is my first year making Christmas cards with them and I am HOOKED!  The simplicity of their design studio makes it sooo amazing to customize my cards!  That was always a big struggle for me in years past, and this year we completely customized the back of our card and even added our yearly poem ;)  Also their whole foiled collection is gorgeous – I mean LOOK at how amazing the cards turned out!  They are for sure my most favorite.Are you guys still struggling with any last min gift giving??  The struggle is REAL.  I swear there is always someone in my family I have NO clue what to give … well let me help you because this is the best gift!  These metal prints from Mixbook are the COOLEST!  I honestly had no idea and now I’m hooked.  So get ready family because here comes all the metal prints ha ha.  They are soooo durable and this means a great deal to me because I have lost count of how many picture frames my kids have broken and they are so modern and fun.  And to me the best present are memories and capturing those memories.  From my husbands family videos, to photo books to beautiful prints to hang on the wall, they are hands down what mean the most to me.  And you KNOW the grandparents want them ;)

Now last but not least… the gold gift toppers.  I am alllll about gift toppers you guys!  It’s basically the cake topper for presents and you KNOW I love myself a good cake topper ha ha.  Gold is for sure the fanciest of all the colors so it’s bound to make your presents look fabulous.  So gold gift toppers it is and you will love them as much as me, I promise you that!

Gold bulb ornaments
-Hot glue gun
gold tinsel

-Buy a variety of gold ornaments.
-Start to glue them together.  I didn’t want any of the top of the bulbs to show so I made sure all the tops were facing down.
-After you are done and the glue has dried its time to add the tinsel.
-The tinsel is a great way to hide the top of the bulbs and really add something extra to the gift topper.
-Take a piece of tinsel and glue it onto the bulbs, you can make the piece of tinsel however big or small you want.
-Then glue to the top of your gift.

Don’t forget to check out day ONE of the 12 days of wrapping.


Family pictures by radandhappy

This post is in partnership with Mixbook.  Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Tell Love and Party going.

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    The toppers look so good, they really transform the gift into something special!