Let’s talk Holiday treats!  I mean come on…they are the BEST am I right??  Why are Holiday treats better than any other treats throughout the year?  It’s just the Christmas magic ha ha it makes EVERYTHING better!  Give me all the cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, caramels, peppermint bark and marshmallow candies!  And what are the Holidays without hot chocolate?  It’s always on my list of things that I MUST do around the Holidays so obviously a DIY Holiday hot cocoa and cookie bar needed to happen.  I partnered with Martha Stewart and Plaid Crafts to show you how to throw the cutest little cocoa bar with their adorable new stencils.

Martha Stewart Stencil
Martha Stewart multi surface paints
Paint brushes
-Balsa wood
-Table Cloth or Fabric to make a runner

These snowflake stencils are so cool!  They are actually a silk screen which really creates a crisp beautiful print.  I decided to try both balsa wood and fabric and they turned out amazing!  I honestly have never used an easier stencil!
-Cut out your stencils.  I used an x-acto knife to cut out the middle pieces.
-Lay flat onto your surface (it is adhesive on the back as well).  Hold in place and then take your paint brush and brush/ blot over the silk screen.  Not too much or it bleeds a little.
-To make the table cloth/ runner I dyed my cloth a color I liked.
-After it dries start to stencil.  The whole table runner took about 15 min.  It was so fast and easy.
-For the sign, cut out around the pattern with an x-acto knife and then sand down the edges.
-Drill a hold in the wood piece and then glue the dowel onto the sign.

Now it’s time to put together your hot cocoa and cookie bar!  Include all the treats, cookies and fun mixings for the hot cocoa.  Trust me it will be so adorable!

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