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June 28, 2016


4th of July is coming up and I’m so excited!  After Christmas and Halloween it is for sure my favorite Holiday.  Its so festive and fun and I love how crazy our city gets.
One thing I am not a fan of for the 4th is how ugly and tacky all the fireworks are ha ha I mean come on, can’t they come up with a cuter design?!  So here is a fun way to dress up those basic party poppers (because messing with fireworks sounds scary ha).  They are WAY more fun to pop when they look this cute, it’s a fact.
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June 20, 2016

DIY-Confetti-Candy-BowlsCandy-dish-DIY Crafting is messy business!  I love it, obviously, but my hands always have some sort of crafting remnant on them, whether its glue, paint, glitter, or confetti.  But at the same time I love the mess it takes to create something fun.  I was excited to team up with method for their #fearnomess campaign and do just that…fear no mess.  Their soap is sort of my life line when it comes to staying clean and the fact that it smells good, is non toxic and comes in bright fun colors (I mean I LOVE bright colors if you can’t tell ha) doesn’t hurt either.  So keeping all that in mind…these DIY confetti candy bowls were born.
I love candy, but I love even more putting my candy in adorable little dishes.  I want to fill them with yummy colorful candy and put them all over my house, BUT I have kids and that is obviously a bad choice ha ha.  In the mean time these cute bowls will be coming out for special candy occasions.  Although I might have decided to put confetti on all my dishes now…ha!  Learn how to make these fun bowls in only a few simple steps.  And forget the mess!
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June 10, 2016

fun cactus gift ideas

Ok…so I truly love succulents but I have always had an issue with keeping them alive.  Cacti on the other hand are seriously unreal…they never die ha ha I swear!  Basically they are the best plants EVER!  So this round up of fun cactus gift ideas is in honor of the cactus cause they are cute (and don’t die ha ha).  Happy Friday everyone!


1.  Cactus Pencil Case   2.  Cactus Phone Case   3.  Wall Clock  4.  Mini Cactus Pinatas
5.  Cactus Candle  6. Envelope Clutch  7. Cactus Pillow

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June 6, 2016

Make-these-cute-drink-umbrellas-for-your-next-summer-partyConfetti makes everything better…seriously though.  I am pretty confident that there is happiness inside of each bag.  So I figured “why not add them to a drink umbrella?”.  This DIY only takes a few min and adds some spice to those already cute umbrellas.  Now go buy yourself a bag of happy and get crafting.
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June 3, 2016
Six fun instagram crafts to try this weekend

Six fun instagram crafts to try this weekendI have a love hate relationship with the whole “digital age” …  On one hand it’s amazing because we get pictures in seconds, we can fit our camera in our back pockets and everything is so simple.  But remember the day when you had to go to the store and actually pick up your pictures?? Or when you had NO idea what was even on your disposable camera?  But what I miss most are those tangible pictures in your hands.  Anyways, rant over … yes I miss the gold ole days but what I NEED to do is get crafty with my pictures now and not let them just sit on my phone.  Here are 6 fun Instagram crafts to try this weekend.  Don’t let them just sit, print away ;)

1. Instagram Wall Art / The Crafted Life   2. Instagram Memory Game / Lovely Indeed
3. DIY Embroidered Instagram / Lovely Indeed   4. Wooden Polaroid Display / Sugar and Cloth
5. Tiny Picture Gallery Wall / I Spy DIY   6. Instagram Photo Wallpaper / Lovely Indeed

Check out another way I printed my instagram pics here.  Happy Weekend!!

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May 31, 2016
DIY-summer-tassel-tote-bag copy

DIY-summer-tassel-tote-bag copyMake-a-fun-tassel-bag-this-summer
Summer is almost here, can you believe it?? I am so so excited!  ONE because my baby will be due in a month and a half ahhhhh – and TWO…beach days, bright colors, warm bike rides, BBQ’s and all that other summer goodness.  In honor of summer I made this SUPER simple DIY tassel tote bag.  Because everyone needs a functional and fun “go to” summer bag.  This tassel tote bag is perfection and doesn’t take long to make.  Also…the colorful tassel hanging screams summer, don’t you think?  Continue Reading…