shadow-puppetThere is something so magical about shadow puppets.  The simplicity and creativity of it is so fun.  The best part?? You can make one at home!  It is so incredibly simple to make and when it comes to puppets you can either get very intricate or do something very simple.  Either way it is the perfect way for your kids to use their imagination.  Have them come up with a whole play, dream up and create their own characters or even just create a fun play together with random puppets you end up printing out.  Find the DIY below and a link and downloads for some awesome shadow puppets.


-Cardboard or Foam Core
-X-acto Knife
-Parchment Paper (what you bake with)
-Black Paper
-Paint (optional)

How to make the theater:

If you want to make your theater fun and colorful you can paint it.  I even added a cute sign and circus type tent top with extra foam core and more paint.

Now onto the puppets:

There are three ways you can make your shadow puppets.

First-  With a Circut or other cutting machine.  This is the easiest way and a great way to cut out the most delicate puppets.
Second- Print out the puppets and cut them out by hand with an x-acto knife or scissors.
Third- Take some black cardstock and cut out or create your own puppets.  Get imaginative.

You can download these fun circus puppets HERE.

Here are some other fun free downloadable puppets:

Star Wars Shadow Puppets

Gingerbread Man Puppets 

Ocean Life Puppets

Robot Shadow Puppet

Harry Potter Shadow Puppets

Halloween Shadow Puppets

Have fun!!  Your kids will love it!shadow-puppet-theater

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