4th of July is coming up and I’m so excited!  After Christmas and Halloween it is for sure my favorite Holiday.  Its so festive and fun and I love how crazy our city gets.
One thing I am not a fan of for the 4th is how ugly and tacky all the fireworks are ha ha I mean come on, can’t they come up with a cuter design?!  So here is a fun way to dress up those basic party poppers (because messing with fireworks sounds scary ha).  They are WAY more fun to pop when they look this cute, it’s a fact.

Party Poppers
Tissue Paper
Glue Stick
Foam Pouncers
Paint Brush
White Paint

Take all your party poppers and get ready to unwrap!Party-poppersBe careful when you unwrap them that you don’t pull on the string.Take-off-the-wrapping-of-party-poppers1.  Take your party popper and a rectangle piece of tissue paper.
2.  Glue stick a corner of the tissue paper and stick to the popper.
3.  Then continue to wrap the popper and glue the last party and stick.
4.  Add another color on top of your first.  I used white.  Then repeat steps 1-3.
5.  Cut the top so it is straight across and then start to cut fringe with your scissors.
6.  Fluff out the fringe, and make sure there is room for the popper to pop.Instructions-on-how-to-make-a-party-popper

For the small party poppers…

1. Cut out a small square of tissue paper.
2.  Glue the first section of the tissue paper, wrap and then glue the last bit (same as the popper above except you don’t roll at an angle.)
3.  Twist the bottom half.  You can glue this part if you want or leave it.
4.  Cut the top shorter if you need to.  Then cut fringe.Dress-up-your-party-poppersLastly Paint the poppers!  Use a small pouncer, or paint brush and add some fun stripes or polka dots.Paint-your-party-poppersPainted-small-4th-of-july-party-poppers4th-of-July-Party-Poppers This Project is a part of the 12 Months of Martha.

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    Lindsey Crafter

    These are SO perfect <3