I LOVE a simple DIY!  I mean, who doesn’t??   These DIY tassel earrings are SIMPLE, I’m talking 5 min simple!  No jewelry making skill necessary and you will have the cutest tassels earrings ever when you are done!  Doesn’t that sound amazing??
Get the full tutorial after the jump.

Silk Tassels
Super Glue
Jewelry Pliers
Gold End Caps (12mm wide)
-Jump Rings
-Earring Hooks

Now let’s make some tassel earrings!
-Silk tassels are KEY!  They help the tassels stay loose and not get bunchy when you wear them.
-Take the silk tassels and remove the ring with your pliers (not all tassels will have rings).
-Next put glue inside of the end caps.  Take your tassels and stick them inside, hold them still for a min.  Make sure you hold the end cap upside down while you put in the tassel and hold it upside down pushing the tassel in for 30 seconds.  This way the glue doesn’t run down the tassel and it’s in there nice and firm.
-Next take your jump ring and open it with the pliers.
-Put the end cap on the jump ring and then the earring hook.
-Close the jump ring with your pliers.
-Then wear you adorably cute earrings that took 5 min to make!!
Easy right??  I might need to make some more jewelry!

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2 thoughts on “DIY TASSEL EARRINGS

    These are so cute! I love them!


    They look super cool, and how simple they are to craft!