DIY-storage-boxesdiy storage box for office
I love cute storage.  I am instantly drawn to it no matter what store I’m in, EVEN when I don’t have something to put in it.  But there are ALWAYS things that need to be organized so I figure its ok ha am I right!?  Just trying to justify my senseless purchases ha ha.  I found these cute acrylic boxes and knew I wanted to do something different and fun to them.  I usually gravitate towards color but because the containers were clear I wanted the contents to pop more than the container.  My office has lots of wood accents so I wanted to create a wood lid to match.  I LOVE how these small storage boxes turned out!  You can leave the lid plain or paint them!  AND the best part?  No wood cutting skills required ;)  Read more about the whole DIY below.
Acrylic Boxes
-Balsa Wood
X-Acto Knife
Tacky Glue

-Take your Acrylic lid and trace two sides.
-Glue on each piece onto opposite sides.
-Let the glue dry
-Trace (with sides glued on) the two other sides pieces.  You want to make sure you do it this way because once you add on those first two side pieces the measurements will be bigger.
-Glue on sides.
-After all sides have been glued on trace the top.
-Glue on and let glue dry.
-Lastly sand down the sides so they are all flush.  Be careful because balsa wood is so soft so it sands super easy.  Go slow till you get it just right ;)

storage-box-diy-stepsdiy small storage boxes

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