So I HAD to try this whole nail polish marbling trend!  It looked so fun, easy and I could just use things I had on hand.  I really wanted to marble some paper notebooks but
 I found that the nail polish and water made it hard and left the paper all water damaged and lumpy.  So, I used contact paper and it worked awesome!  I am loving these notebooks!  So funky, fun and the perfect gift.
-large plastic container
-nail polish
-clear contact paper
-x-acto knife
-plain notebooks
 Lay your notebook on the contact paper.
 Cut around the notebook, leaving about a half inch border
 You don’t want the contact paper to curl when you are putting it in the water so roll it up in the opposite direction so that once it is unrolled it lays flat.
THIS is the trickiest part.  The water temperature!!  So I have read a lot about it and so many people say”warm” water but to me it is BARELY warm, its more room temperature.  So you will have to work with this part.  If it’s too warm or too cold then the nail polish hardens too quickly and it won’t work.  So you kind of need to play around with it.  (If anyone has any tips I would LOVE to hear!) Also the nail polish hardens quickly even when you have the water temp just right so you need to work fast.
*tip- unscrew the tops of the nail polish first so you can just pour :)
Then move around the polish with a toothpick or skewer (something thin)
 Once you get desired design place the contact paper face down into the water.  It doesn’t need to be submerged, just lightly sit on the water.
 Then remove and let dry.  Here is the part where you can correct things.  You can dab with a paper towel or if there is a mistake or a mess up you can take a q-tip with some nail polish remover and correct it.  Since you are using contact paper the water beads so you will have to wipe/dab it to help dry it.
 SO, the design above I ended up not using because the colors didn’t look as vibrant against the brown note pad….ha ha and since I didn’t want to redo all the pictures I am doing a different design below ;)
Unstick the contact paper.
 Place the contact paper (sticky side down) on your notebook.  The best thing is, the contact paper can be adjusted!  So if your first attempt at putting it on doesn’t work so well, then you can unstick and retry.
 Take your x-acto knife and start to cut off the excess contact paper around the notebook, so its flush.  I turned my notebook upside down then its an instant ruler.
 For the binding you are going to need an ACTUAL ruler.  Line it up and then lightly cut, contact paper cuts really easy.  If you want to change up the colors of your binder add some washi tape.


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12 thoughts on “DIY: MARBLED NOTEBOOK

    Janine Glenn

    Such a clever and cute idea! I’ll have to do this with my little sister :)

    woah that is such a cool idea! im definitely gonna be trying this one

    yay do it!!! It really is easy and nail polish colors are endless :)


    This is amazing! I’ve seen videos & tutorials for marbling nail polish on nails, but I’ve never seen it used this way in DIY before! What an awesome idea :)



    Well, I about died when I saw this. Honestly, I about died… why had I not thought of marble paper! Love it lady.

    YOU are my marble inspiration, you always do fun marble inspired stuff!! Thanks girl!

    I absolutely love this i am definitely going to try this out!!!:D x

    do it!! if you do send me a pic, I love to see people’s projects!


    This is so cool! I have so many fun colors that would work perfectly for something like this. You are always so inspiring!

    awe thanks corey!! yes you need to try it for sure!!