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Well I don’t have a nursery for my little one…sad but true. The reason? Well we left everything… jobs, place to live…sold our car and furniture and set off to do some serious world travels (we blogged our travels here). Well the day after we got back I found out I was pregnant! We had JUST got home, we had no jobs, no furniture, no place to live, it was a crazy time! AND I was miserably sick so me getting a job was out of the question, I mean who wants to hire someone that is throwing up every hour? SO needless to say we didn’t have a ton of money. And that means a small apartment. Now don’t get me wrong, I can live in a small place for a year if it means that I got to travel the world with my hubby….BUT in the meantime I will put together my dream nursery. So that WHEN we do move and little Rowe gets his own room…it will be fabulous!
First and foremost are the BOOKS!! I am a HUGE fan of children’s books. They are oh so wonderful. My love for books runs in the family… (I will need to talk more about this later, in another post). But because of this minor obsession, Rowen is going to have many many books. I have already started gathering up his collection. So when I saw this…
tell love and chocolate nursery
I fell IN LOVE!
I am doing this in his room no matter what! It is so amazing and so easy. I just love how they are all displayed its beautiful. And to have a big comfy chair to cuddle up in and read and imagine together is a dream. ohhhhh I get so giddy just thinking about it :)

Phew sorry if my book obsession scared a few of you, now on to more pictures of inspiration…

everything about this room is PERFECT. First is the color story, the orange and browns and greenish greys are everything I could ever want. And what about that barn door?? could anything be cooler? I think not.
tell love and chocolate nursery 2

Same here…loving the colors. But my favorite are the stripes on the wall. LOVE
tell love and chocolate nursery 3

the wood on this wall is divine. yes…I think if I can’t have a barn door in the nursery I will have this.
tell love and chocolate nursery 6

I think that is enough for now, there will be much more nursery or just plain baby inspiration to come. I mustn’t overdo myself.

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