TELL: Not chocolate…

but still oh so yummy and CUTE!  As you may have seen before here, that I LOVE making iced sugar cookies.  I just got a couple new cookie cutters, and I thought this one was perfect for summer.
fresh out of the oven.
The recipe for the sugar cookies and icing is here in an older post.
The supplies: 
Ice cream cookie cutter (Got mine from Sur la Table)
Meringue powder (michaels)
food coloring
(I got these from Michaels as well, they have so many different colors, like kelly green…fun!)
Pastry Bag
(mine is called a “mechanical pastry bag” even though its not mechanical, I love it because it is reusable and easy.  From Williams Sonoma)

Mixing up the icing.  It took a couple tries to get the right color.
I just use these butter knives to spread on the icing.  If you make the icing the right consistency its actually really easy and moldable.

The cones didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted them.  I used a lighter brown for the cone and a darker  brown for the lines.  But the thinest pastry tip I had still seemed pretty large, so I would recommend an really thin tip, so that your lines are smaller and not so large and in charge.
All in all I loved making them!

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