TELL: Monster Cookies!

Monster as in grrrrrr not Monster like HUGE.  Although I do like a HUGE cookie every now and again (okay that is a lie, I ALWAYS like huge cookies).
SOOO I know that Halloween weekend is upon us and I have waited till the last min to make these…but better late then never right?
Remember when I made these?  Well I wanted to do more Halloween cookies this year but I lent my cookie cutters out to someone and still have not tracked them down.  SO I had to be creative…and work with what I had.
 I decided to use these two cookie cutters….Christmas Wreath and “biscuit” ha ha yes that is the official name.
Other supplies:
-Sugar cookies…find the recipe here
Royal Frosting recipe…here
-Wilton 10in decorating bag
-Wilton tips: #233, #2, #3
-Wilton Icing colors: Kelly Green, Peach, Violet and Pink
Here is a little trick (well I am sure everyone knows about this…BUT if you dont its great!)
When putting your icing in the decorating bag I always put it in plastic wrap first.  You just glop the frosting on some plastic wrap
like so…
 then you roll it up and twist the ends.  I tie one end and then cut the other.  Then I put it straight into the pastry bag.  It is SO much easier to clean and if you need to swap out colors it is much faster.
 Now for the fun part…so with the wreaths I made the bows either a hair bow for the girl monsters or bow ties for the boys.  All I do is outline the design and then color it in, the great thing about royal icing is it settles nicely so even if they are a little messy they smooth out.  Then I used the wilton tip #233 (which is used a lot for grass) and made the fuzzy monster with the peach color.
then I made their faces…
for eye brows or eye lashes I used food writer pens
I just love all these guys…cute monsters :)

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